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    Ronald J. Carlini:
Ronald J. Carlini has held several executive and senior management positions in the semiconductor and telecommunications industries.   He has served as Vice President of Business Development for Amati Communications Corporation, where he raised more than $10 million in bridge financing with the Soros/Chatterjee Group.  Mr. Carlini played a major role in the negotiations and in the due diligence process that resulted in Amati being acquired by Texas Instruments Inc. for $398 million.
Additional positions Carlini his held include: CEO of Infobridge  Corporation, a startup in data management systems, where he raised $1 million in seed funding, helped raise $6 million as General Manager and Executive Vice President of ADACOM Corporation, an Isreali networking startup; General Manager and Vice President of Telex Computer Products Corporation.   During his tenure, Telex made several acquisitions including acquiring Raytheon Data Systems for $230 million; National Programs Manager at IBM Corporation, where he was a member of the executive team that founded Satellite Business Systems, a Joint venture of IBM, Aetna, and Comstat.


Throughout his career Mr. Carlini has successfully bridged the gap  between product development and business groups and negotiated technology licenses, business agreements and investments with many  companies, such as: : Alcatel, Cisco, Nortel, NEC, IBM, GlobeSpan, NEC,  Pairgain, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Siemens, Motorola, Pradyne,  Italtel, and US Robotics.   
During his career, Mr. Carlini has developed an extensive network of  contacts with venture capitalists, industry analysts, investment bankers, and law firms that specialize in new business ventures. He has helped raise investment funds for over 20 companies. 



          Therese Carlini Moss:
Therese has worked in the high tech industry for 20 years.  She has held executive management positions at both start-up companies and major high tech corporations. Her industry experience includes consumer and business-to-business e-commerce.  Therese earned an MBA from Santa Clara University.


Therese managed major projects between Sun Microsystems and such major corporations as HP, Oracle, Borland, and BEA. Therese  was the Director of Business Operations at the EC Company, an  e-commerce business-to-business solution start-up company, where she managed a staff that was responsible for EDI development and all post-sales functions, including technical support, business partner management, vendor relations, and technical services.   
As the Director of Program Management and Integration Services at Electric Classifieds Corporation, an e-commerce consumer application start-up company, Therese managed the integration of customer products and post-sales  customer relationships. While at ECI, Therese successfully managed launches for major customers including: CompuServe, AOL/Digital Cities, Atlanta Journal / Constitution, London Standard, and several others.  Prior ECI, Therese was Program Manager for Strategic Relationships at 3COM Corporation Inc., where she worked with top management of major customers, including two Regional  Banks with inter-networking installations, and one hospital with 3COM’s largest ATM technology installation.   Therese began her career at TANDEM Computers Inc. she held various positions in Software Development. 


Smooth Sailing

book cover   A ‘Must-Read’ for anyone looking to   start their own business, or just learn about what it takes and what to expect.  A solid go-to book written in plain terms that the lay reader can quickly grasp, highlighting key points  and taking full advantage of the nautical metaphors to make its warnings more memorable”        

The Midwest Book Review 



- As the Venture Capital Industry Resurgence Begins  --  New Book offers Industry Knowledge and Unique Insight into the Current Climate of VC Funding -

“Smooth Sailing to Venture Capital Funding, A Practical Guide for Investors and Entrepreneurs” presents the critical mass of information needed to effectively plot a course through the VC funding process in today’s environment, in an easy to read and easy to understand format.

Focused on quickly and clearly showing how to secure Venture Capital, this book is for Entrepreneurs, Students, Company Founders and CEOs, General Business Executives, and those with brilliant ideas preparing to take that first step to commercialize them into products.

 In a brisk pace, the authors accommodate even the busiest professional, by concentrating on 14 key obstacles to funding and their practical solutions, insightful real world tips, and actual business examples. Readers will benefit from the many treasures and gold nuggets jam packed into a compact 160 pages.

This book is an invaluable resource for a broad range of business people including, those starting companies, seasoned veterans, angel investors, and students preparing to begin their careers.

Authored by the dynamic father-daughter venture capital consulting and writing team of Ronald J. Carlini and Therese Carlini Moss, the collaboration offers insight and knowledge against the backdrop of a clever and easy to understand allegory.   The team is steeped with experience, and has worked with first time entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and previously successful CEO’s. They have established strong ties in the venture capital community and have worked as advisors to leading venture capital firms.   Together they address real world issues with real world solutions that will greatly improve the chances for the success of anyone trying to secure VC funding.




Executive Advisory Board: 

John M. Cioffi:

Stanford professor of electrical engineering, John M. Cioffi provides expert insights and technical evaluations to Venture Capital Strategies. He is considered to be a technology visionary and is highly respected by industry analyst, technology experts, and venture capitalist. Cioffi founded Amati Communications in 1991. Amati developed the first Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modems that set the Standard for the industry. Amati was purchased by Texas Instruments for $398 million in 1998.   
Cioffi has received multiple industry awards and has published over 200 papers and holds over 40 patents, most of which are widely licensed, including basic patents on DMT, VDSL, and vectored transmission. Cioffi also co-authored several technical books and sits on the board of seven companies and on the advisory boards of three of the largest companies in the telecommunications and semiconductor industries.  

James Hood:

James Hood brings 32+ years of international industrial experience in engineering, development and manufacturing  of high technology electronic equipment and systems to VCS.  As Chief Operating Officer of Southampton Photonics, he was very instrumental in raising an initial investment round of $55 million from venture capitalist.  
Mr. Hood was Vice President of Engineering of Amati Communications and director and CTO of Texas Instruments Broadband Access Group, where he was responsible for establishing the company as force in the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) market.  As President and CEO of of Meret Optical Communications, a subsidiary of Amoco Technology Company, he focused development on fiber optic signal transport products for high resolution graphic displays including HDTV.  He was President and CEO of Catel Telecommunications, a manufacturer of video, audio and data transmissions systems for the cable TV and broadband network markets.  
Jim held several executive management positions while  at Granger Associates, including Senior Vice President, with P&L responsibility for two operating divisions, and Operations Vice President, responsible for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Jim has a Ph.D., Engineering Sciences, M.S. Engineering Physics, and a B.S. Engineering Physics, all earned at the University of Oklahoma.   

Robert Moss: 

Technical Expert and Award Winning Product Designer Robert Moss has held senior management positions in several successful startups, including Portola Communications and Cygnus Solutions. During his 25+ years in the industry, Bob has held both management and technologist positions in all aspects of software development (retail and custom) including Engineering, Quality Assurance, Technical Publications, Release Engineering, Technical Support, Product Management, and IS/IT. Bob is a skilled negotiator and technology strategist.  

As a member of the executive management team at several companies, including as CIO of Red Hat Inc.,  Bob has been involved with all aspects of running a successful company including both sides of the acquisition negotiation table, and has extensive experience with the due diligence process.   As a technical lead and architect, Bob has designed and developed of many software products, including projects at Netscape and at Tandem.  Bob began his career as a software consultant where his clients included: Fujitsu, Cable Data, The Learning Company, Tandem, IBM and Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant.



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