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    Raising Capital    

Raising Capital can be a challenging and often frustrating experience.   

At RT Business Development Services , we work closely with our clients and our network of funding sources, through all the phases of the funding process. 

We have considerable experience in working in two primary sources of funding:

Venture Capital

Venture Capitalists get hundreds of buisness plans every month.  For every 100+ quality plans, 10 may get some interest, 3 may be inivited to make a presentation, and 1 may get funded.  Having a solid business plan, in itself, is not enough.  We have the expertise and the VC connections to assist you in the funding process. 



Private Equity / Private Placement

Private Equity Financing consists of buying equity securities in an operating company.  The most common types of these investments are leveraged buyouts and investment in distressed public companies. 

Private Placement is funding of securities which are sold without an initial public offering, usually to a small number of private investors.   Private placements typically consist of shares of common or preferred stock or can be other forms, such as warrants and promissory notes.


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