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    Large Accounts Workshops    

RT Business Development Services has Developed a series of Tools, Methods, and Techniques that have been Proven to Enhance Business Performance.


We offer these tools in the form of customized 1 - 3 day workshops.   We work together with your team to apply our tools to specific performance areas.


Large Account Sales Workshop

Many Companies have some form for Account Planning for Key Accounts.  How Successful they are in Developing and Executing Their Plans is a Critical Factor in the Overall Performance of the Company.


We have Facilitated Over 100 Account Planning Sessions for Major Clients.  This Experience has Resulted in Our Developing an Exclusive Set of Planning Tools and Techniques that We Use in our Customized Large Account Sales Workshops.


The Objective of Each Workshop it to Develop an Effective and Efficient Sales Strategy with Sales Goals, Individual Task Assignments and Target Dates.



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