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The licensing of Intellectual Property (IP) can add revenues with very high profit margins.  Licensing can also contribute to the market growth of new technologies.  Even so, you must be careful to protect these valuable assets.  We highly recommend you inolve a patent attorney in this process.


The development of an IP Licensing Program often involves negotiation of complex terms and conditions and takes aconsiderable amount of managements's time.


RT Business Development Services has the experience and expertise to work with your management and your patent attorney to:

        • Identify IP Licensing Candidates

        • Structure an IP Licensing Program

        • Develop IP Licensing Agreement

        • Negotiate Final IP Agreements With Each Individual Company

If you are a company with limited resources, you can elect to "outsource" your entire IP Licensing Program to RT Business Development Services.  This approach can result in maximizing revenues and profits from your IP, while consuming little of your resources.


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