Private Equity and Private Placement

Private Equity and Private Placement

 Private Equity and Private Placement    Private Equity Financing consists of buying equity securities in an operating company.  

The most common types of these investments are leveraged buyouts and distressed investments. 

Private Equity firms generally take public companies private.Private Placement is funding of securities which are sold without an initial public offering, usually to a small number of private investors.   Private placements typically consist of shares of common or preferred stock or can be other forms, such as warrants and promissory notes.  

Our Approach

Our Fund Raising Approach is to work closely with our clients as a team to help in the fund raising process by:
Analyzing and Fine Tuning the Business Plan to address the Critical Elements Investors are looking for:

  • Quantifying the Market Opportunity
  • Product / Services with Differentiators
  • Experience and Strengths of the Management Team
  • Promoting Solid Financial Plan

Executive Summaries

Developing an Executive Summary that Focuses on the Strengths of the Business Plan and Encourages Investors to Follow Up.

Finding and Qualifying Investors

Identifying the best fit between the Client and Institutional and High Net Worth Investors. Contacting Investment Banking Firms for Level of Interest and Scheduling Meetings.


Investor Meetings

Preparing Investor Presentations for Meetings.


 Contact RT Business Development Servicesvia email to arrange to discuss your fund raising opportunities.